A Kit for a QD/QG-type Van in 1:45 Scale

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The test built van complete with those details that is included in the kit, among others closing handles from etched nickel silver sheet and handrails from 0.4mm bronze wire. It is possible to detail the van additionally if you wish, among other things with pins and chains for securing the side shutters.
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The body is built with sides and ends cast in resin plastic, the roof is from heat-formed 1.5mm polystyrene sheet and the floor from 2mm polystyrene sheet. This body is glued together using 5-minute epoxy adhesive. The roof is made as a canvas covered roof, but can easy be modified to a roofing-felt covered roof by filling out and sanding the roof edges.
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These sides and ends are trial castings which are not 100% perfect, and I've had to repair them. Most details are cast as part of the sides and the ends, respectively. Locking handles and handrails are fitted afterwards.
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Trial castings of sides and ends cast by Kim Møller, Tikøb Hobby & Støberi. Kim is about to make a new mould as I have corrected some details on the master models.
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The test built underframe is built with working leaf springs, hand brake with iron brake block, single coupling hooks, handrails beneath the headstocks and long footsteps. Other types are feasible: Solid springs, wooden brake block, a double coupling hook, without handrails, and with short footsteps.
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The wheel sets are 22 mm split-spoke wheel sets from O-Scale Models (not included in the kit). The cast details are made from white metal which mostly has sufficient strength. Only the coupling screws are a little fragile; if you use them for coupling you may wish to replace them with similar ones from brass.
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Brass parts for the kit: Solebars, headstocks and spacers from milled brass. Most holes in the parts are drilled in a jig.
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The etched frets for the kit; no. 1 is from 0.5mm nickel silver sheet, no. 2 is from 0.3mm nickel silver sheet, no. 3 is from 0.2mm nickel silver sheet and no. 4 is 0.3mm bronze sheet. Fret no. 4 contains parts for the working leaf springs.
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Parts for the buffers: The housings are cast white metal, drilled and provided with turned stop bushes from brass; the rams are turned brass with M1 securing nuts; the plates are stamped from 0.3mm brass sheet, and two of them are domed; the springs must be cut from the long springs wound from 0.2mm piano wire.
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Other parts for the kit: Solid leaf spring with spring brackets that can be used instead of the working leaf springs, coupling hooks, axle box, screw+nuts for screw coupling (the white metal parts are trial castings), item for coupling hook springs wound from 0.3mm piano wire, and a part turned from polystyrene for the wooden brake block.

Are Danish 0 scale modellers interested in buying kits for models of Danish railway stock? I have asked myself this question during the last couple of years, but I have no idea what the answer might be. Thus I now ask the question here.

I have chosen a cattle van type QD (later type QG) with hand brake. The kit comes as a set of parts; body parts (ends and sides from resin plastic, roof and floor from polystyrene plastic), details for fitting to the body, and underframe parts from brass, nickel silver and white metal. The background is that I wanted to build several QD type vans for my own collection, and Kim Møller from Tikøb Hobby wanted some stock in 0 scale. The kit is developed in co-operation with Kim.

I have made a parts list in pdf format which shows which parts is included in the kit. There are more footstep variants: The first vans had only one short footstep on each side with a single bracket in the middle; the later series also got short footsteps in the right corners. Later they were modified to longer footsteps with two brackets each. There are two types of coupling hooks, and a choice between working or solid leaf springs (please specify the type of coupling hook and spring when ordering). The kit does not contain wheel sets which are sold separately.

The prototype

The kit covers following building series:

Orig. no. Latest no. Building year Builder
3908-3932 33414-33438 1894 Breslau
3933-3958 33439-33464 1895 Scandia
9001-9070 33465-33534 1895 Scandia
9071-9160 33535-33624 *) 1897 Scandia
9256-9305 33625-33674 1897 Scandia
9306-9415 33675-33784 1898 Scandia
9416 33785 1897 Scandia
9417-9423 33786-33792 1898 Scandia
9424 33793 1900 Scandia
8901-9000 33794-33893 1905 Vulcan
3784-3808 23784-23808 1906 Scandia
3809-3822 23809-23822 1906 Vulcan
8794-8875 33894-33975 1906 Scandia
8876-8900 33976-34000 1906 Vulcan
3823-3838 23823-23838 1911 Scandia
33314-33413   1909 Scandia
33214-33219   1909 Scandia
33220-33313   1910 Scandia
33114-33154   1911 Scandia
33155-33213   1912 Scandia
33064-33081   1912 Scandia
33082-33113   1913 Scandia
32964-33063   1913 Scandia
32889-32963   1914 Scandia
32839-32888   1916 Scandia

*) Except no. 33622 as no. 9158 was scrapped in 1908.

The body

Sides and ends are made from cast resin plastic (polyurethane). The modeller will have to cut of strengthening fins behind the posts and clean away casting fins and pips, drill a few holes and glue the parts together with a floor and a roof from polystyrene plastic sheet. A floor (2mm) and a heat-formed roof (1.5mm) which must be sanded to fit, are included. The parts can be glued with epoxy or cyanoacrylate adhesive. The roof is designed as that of the earliest series with canvas covering but can rather simply be modified to roofing-felt covering. Most details are cast as part of the sides and ends, but the modeller must make and fit a few parts, handrails and closing handles among other things.

Click here to see a drawing of the van the later type in pdf format. To see the drawing you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.

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The underframe

The underframe is built from milled solebars and headstocks and four milled spacers set between the solebars. It is not an underframe with all inside details. The solebars and the headstocks are delivered cut-off to length and drilled. Etched w-irons and other sheet parts are riveted, soldered or glued on; included are also rivets, sprung self-contained buffers from white metal and brass, coupling hooks cast from white metal and screw couplings. Furthermore there are axle boxes cast in white metal and working leaf springs etched from phosphor bronze sheet or non-working springs cast from white metal. The modeller must cut the etched parts from the fret, fit and assemble the parts. Wheel sets (not included) can be split-spoke or solid wheelsets from 0-Scale Models or modified Slater's wheel sets which can run on NEM track. I sell O-Scale Models split-spoke wheel sets with turned-down axle ends, modified Slater's coarse scale wheel sets and modified Slater's Scale7 wheel sets for Proto:45 standards, all intended for this kit.

The screw couplings included can be used as working couplings if coupled and run with care. If you want a more sturdy coupling, the middle part from white metal can be replaced by one home-built from brass. If there is sufficient interest, I can have this part cast from brass, though they will not be cheap. Automatic couplings are not included in the kit.

Building instructions

A parts list, drawings of the model (assembly, body, underframe series 1, underframe series 2, wheel suspension, buffers and coupling, step/footstep and hand brake) and a detailed building instructions in Danish are included (see below).


The kit does not include lettering but I have arranged for KM-Text to make transfers for this model. KM-Text is making very good wet-type transfers in different scales.

Transfers for the following four periods will be available (see the drawings listed below):

Click on the relevant period to see a transfer sample. Each transfer sheet will contain different numbers. When I know the exact type designations and numbers I will write them here. KM-Text's standard instructions will be included. Please contact KM-Text for transfers.

Price and time of delivery

The price was 800 DKK for a complete kit without wheel sets. It is a little more than I had originally expected, I must admit, but on the other hand my objective is to have the expenses covered. I will have to do a lot of free work on the kit, hopefully you will appreciate it. See the price list for further prices. Postage is added at cost; payment on agreement.

In the future I expect to make small series of appr. 5 kits and announce new series on the news page. Delivery time is 7-14 days if I have kits in stock; if I do not you can make a reservation. Reservations are dispatched first but the kits are otherwise sold in succesion of order. In any case I will send you an order confirmation stating expected time of delivery and price and method of payment.

Drawings etc.
Qd-10000.pdf (102 kB) DSB QD 3908-3958, 9001-9169, 9256-9424 (main drawing)
Qd-10001.pdf (105 kB) DSB QD 3784-3838, 8794-9000, 32839-33413 (main drawing)
Qd-10002.pdf (79 kB) DSB QD 3784-3838, 3908-3958, 8794-9169, 9256-9424, 32839-33413
Qd-10003.pdf (94 kB) DSB QD 3908-3958, 9001-9169, 9256-9424 (underframe)
Qd-10004.pdf (99 kB) DSB QD 3784-3838, 8794-9000, 32839-33413 (underframe)
Qd-10005.pdf (77 kB) DSB QD 3784-3838, 3908-3958, 8794-9169, 9256-9424, 32839-33413
(wheel sets and suspension)
Qd-10006.pdf (72 kB) DSB QD 3784-3838, 3908-3958, 8794-9169, 9256-9424, 32839-33413
(buffers, draw hook and coupling)
Qd-10007.pdf (99 kB) DSB QD 3784-3838, 3908-3958, 8794-9169, 9256-9424, 32839-33413
(long steps, grab irons, hand brake)
Qd-10008.pdf (48 kB) DSB QD 3784-3838, 3908-3958, 8794-9169, 9256-9424, 32839-33413
(body - locking arrangement on side doors)
Qd-10009.pdf (50 kB) DSB QD 3784-3838, 3908-3958, 8794-9169, 9256-9424, 32839-33413
Qd-10014.pdf (220 kB) DSB QD 3784-3838, 3908-3958, 8794-9169, 9256-9424, 32839-33413
(lettering appr. 1893-1929, 1930-1942)
Qd-10015.pdf (179 kB) DSB QD 3784-3838, 3908-3958, 8794-9169, 9256-9424, 32839-33413
(lettering appr. 1943-1955, 1956-1965)
qd_stkl.pdf (56 kB) Parts list (Danish)
qdkit.pdf (269 kB) Building instructions (Danish)

The kit is no longer available.

Updated 2009-01-02