Conversion of Atlas 3-bay covered hopper

This car belongs to a group of conversions that are not quite straightforward as there is no underframe at the ends that the new couplers can be attached to.

As before I have used the Micro-Trains #1015 coupler. To attach the couplers I have made coupler plates from 0.5mm (.010in) brass sheet that are glued to the car using epoxy.

Photo 1 (click to enlarge)
Photo 1: Converted Atlas 3-bay covered hopper (click to enlarge).

Photo 2
Photo 2: The original truck-muonted couplers have been cut from the Atlas trucks.

Photo 3
Photo 3: The coupler plates are glued to the underframe using epoxy and the new couplers are screwed and glued on.

The car sits a little high with 0.5mm thick coupler plates when the coupler height is correctly adjusted (I've put thin washers between the trucks and the body bolsters). Instead of making the plates thinner it is possible to file the lip extending under the end sill thinner as shown in fig. 1.

Fig. 1
Fig. 1: Drawing of improved coupler plate. Measurements are in mm.

Updated 2009-01-04